The Importance of How, What & Where You Eat

The delicious and beautiful food of Coco's Restaurant

What we eat and put into our bodies has never been so carefully scrutinized as it is nowadays. Research is showing that there really is a lot to the adage “you are what you eat”.

The importance of eating nutritious food has always been our thinking behind our preparing healthy, wholesome food and a foundational element of our restaurant. Each plate we present has this in mind. If it is pleasing to your eye, the more effectively it will nourish your body. Take a look here to see just what we mean…

But research shows too that one’s state of mind when eating is crucial to the way that our bodies assimilate the food we give it and can mean the difference between a healthy and not-so-healthy body. If you eat when you are stressed and running around, you’ll chew your food less and inhibit the whole digestion process (Keep this in mind the next time you are munching on a granola bar on your way to work in the morning or taking a “working” lunch). One nutritional psychologist says that “It is probably more important to relax and count our blessings than it is to count our calories.”

We at Coco’s inherently know this, so we want your dining experience to be one filled with comfort, beauty, peace, and ease.

Start being aware of where and how you eat, as well as the obvious what. This awareness could be the first step to a healthier you!

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